Blackpool Chess Conference

30th Blackpool Chess Conference - 10th to 12th March 2006

Held at the Winter Gardens, Blackpool (over five rounds). Some good quality games from the tournament are available here.

Congress Director: D Clayton
Congress Treasurer: S Woodcock
Chief Controller: D Welch, BCF Chief Arbiter
Number of tournaments: 6
Prize fund: £8,025
Number of competitors: 484

Lancashire Premier Open

Open to all players
Number of competitors: 54
Controller: D Welch
Prize fund: £1725
1= GM M Hebden Birstall £550
J Merriman Cavendish
3 L Trent Hillsmark Kingfisher 4 £200
Grading prizes
2199 - 2120 N Rutter Newport £25
M Surtees Bolton
A Walton 3C's
R Williamson Aigburth
2119 - 2040 A Dunn New Zealand 3 £25
J Hanley NW Eagles
T Le York RI
O Nelson Slough
U2040 C Kilpatrick Dulwich 3 £50
M Hamer Gt. Harwood
Lady prize K Martin 3C's £50
Highest Scoring Junior J Hanley NW Eagles 3 Trophy
Highest NMS B Lund Preston £8.33
A Walton 3C's
R Williamson Aigburth
Smith & Williamson British Championship Qualifier
J Merriman Cavendish £50

Blackpool Challengers

For player's graded below 175
Number of competitors: 60
Controller: P Purland
Prize fund: £1,275
1 D Muter Hammersmith £500
2= R Bryant Telepost 4 £100
G Lilley Aigburth
R Plater King's
D Wells Newark
Grading prizes
165-155 R Hardy York RI £33.33
A Jaques Blackpool
D Wells Newark
154-145 S Khoo Surrey £50
J Parrott Shewsbury
U145 D Bryant Altrincham 3 £100
Lady Prize S Khoo Surrey £50
Highest Scoring Junior D Wells Newark 4 Trophy
Highest NMS R Plater King's 4 £25

Blackpool Major

For player's graded below 140
Number of competitors: 96
Controller: G Jones
Prize fund: £1,275
1= J Clifford Bon-Accord £300
R Morris-Hill King's Head
P Taylor Preston
Grading prizes
134-130 P Armstrong 3C's 4 £50
I Thackray Mushrooms
129-125 M Compston 3C's 4 £50
J Konarski Wandering Dragons
U125 P Miller Bishop's Stortford £50
M Wallace Wandering Dragons
Lady Prize S Dines (South Croydon) £50
Highest Scoring Junior M Compston 3C's 4 Trophy
Arbiters Prize N Kerby Bishops Stortford  £10 ChessMaze International Voucher
Best Game Prize S Benn Carlisle  £20 ChessMaze International Voucher
Highest NMS P Taylor Preston £25

Southbank Intermediate

For player's graded below 120
Number of competitors: 98
Controller: J.Clissold
Prize fund: £1,275
1 R Desmedt Wombwell 5 £500
2= C Michalis Manchester University £133.33
M Talbot St. Helens
Z Miah Isle of Man
Grading Prizes
114-110 RJ Whittaker Rotherham 4 £100
109-105 S Lloyd Chester 4 £100
U105 M Delaney PKA 4 £50
R Gavin Oldham
Lady Prize M Stenning Chessington £25
T Anandajeyarajah
Highest Scoring Junior M Talbot St. Helens Trophy
Arbiters Prize D Cosens Hastings  £10 ChessMaze International Voucher
Highest NMS S Rogers Poulton 4 £12.50
J Sutcliffe Caergwrle

Fylde Minor

For player's grades below 100
Number of competitors: 101
Controller: A McFarlane
Prize fund: £1,275
1 W Derbyshire Chorley 5 £500
2= J Johnston E. Kilbride £200
M Howarth Nelson
Grading Prizes
94-90 A Howie E. Kilbride 4 £50
A Rigby Chorley
89-85 E Ingham Wigan 4 £100
U85 N Bishop Leyland 4 £25
C Constable Coulsdon
A Fraser Beckenham
S Thomas Thamesdown Jnr.
Lady Prize C Constable Coulsdon 4 £25
S Thomas Thamesdown Jnr.
Highest Scoring Junior N Bishop Leyland 4 Trophy
Arbiters Prizes P Brodwrick Shifnal  £10 ChessMaze International Voucher
Highest NMS W Derbyshire Chorley 5 £25

ChessMaze International Standard

For player's grades below 80
Number of competitors: 75
Controller: L Barnes
Prize fund: £925
1= W Beaver PKA £87.50
D Harrison Chorley
T O'Neill Coulsden
N Talbot St. Helens
Grading Prizes
74-70 D Curzon 3C's 3 £16.66
J McConnachie
S Towse
69-65 P Brown Crewe 4 £50
64-60 M Burke 3C's 4 £50
59-55 A Kernot East Grinstead 3 £12.50
J Marshall Morecambe
P Metcalfe (Lytham St. Annes)
M Officer Carse of Gowri
54-50 L O'Rourke Heywood 4 £50
49-45 P Cassell White Knights £25
M Ellison Poulton le Flyde
44-50 P Rabbitte Heywood £50
U40 W Wilson Poulton le Fylde £50
UG Adult A Robinson Eccles 4 £50
UG Jnr. L Clarke (Leicestershire) £50
Lady Prize M Ellison Poulton le Flyde £50
Highest Placed Junior N Talbot St. Helens Trophy
Arbiters Prize C Biddulph Baddlestone School  £10 ChessMaze International Voucher
Highest NMS W Beaver PKA £8.33
D Harrison Chorley
N Talbot St. Helens

Sharon Furlong Trophy

Awarded to the lady with the highest score overall.

C Constable Minor Coulsdon 4 £25
S Thomas Minor Thamesdown Jnr.

Veterans Prize

Awarded to the player with the highest score who is aged over 60.

R Desmedt Inter Wombwell 5 £100

Team Prize

Teams of 5, highest 4 to count.

Chorley £250

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