Blackpool Chess Conference

18th Blackpool Chess Conference - 11th to 13th March 1994

Held at The Winter Gardens, Blackpool.


1 M Adams Hampstead 5
2= D Tebb Hoylake 4
R Britton Barbican
G House Morecambe
Grading Prizes C Riley Glossop
P Benson Widnes
40 Competed


1= C Forbes Kings Head
D Saqui Cornwall
J Robinson Leicester
Grading Prizes R Clissold Warrington Central 3
W Bennett Edinburgh 4
P Briggs Tamworth 4
70 Competed


1 EJ Canham Wrexham 5
2= PJ Walters Millom
RA Dean Leeds
DM Forbes Bucks
Grading Prizes D Sandrovitch Braunstone 4
D Boulden Ashton-under-Lyne
G Conroy Rose Forgrove
P Horam Preston
A Young Wigan
90 Competed


1 D Gallagher Bolton St. Johns 5
2= N Hackers Bradford
ACH Smith GRE Lytham
GP 107-100 B Shields Rhyl 4
J Lonsdale Gt. Lever
D Graham Bispham
GP 99-95 A Ainsworth Preston 4
J Tuson University of N. Wales
S Parkinson Prescot
104 Competed


1= P Carter Wigan 5
I Hodgeson Poulton
JM Walker Leicester
4= P Hunt Blackpool 4
E Lesnik Ashton
M Gallagher Bolton St. Johns
Grading Prizes W Stewart London
BL Clark Upper Eskdale
K Pottage Barnsley
J Clitheroe Preston
N Rosen Ivanhoe
L Webster Atticus
98 Competed

Best Junior

  D Werner   St. Annes   3½

Best Lady

  L Broomfield   S Norwood   4

Best Veteran

  D Dickinson   Ruthin   4

Best Score by a Chess Club

  Poulton Chess Club

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