Blackpool Chess Conference

25th Blackpool Chess Conference - March 2001

Organiser's Report

With entries up again on previous years I am pleased to report another successful conference. Helping to improve the atmosphere was the decision to place the Minor tournament in the Horseshoe next to the Standard. This also helped to give more space in the remaining tournaments.

Neither of the Grand Masters, Arkell and Hebden, managed to take first place in the Lancashire Premier Open which was tied between Danny Gormally and James Sherwin.

There were three way ties for the Hilton Blackpool Challengers, the Blackpool Major and the Southbank Intermediate. The Fylde Minor saw an outright winner with Crusaders junior, Carl Atkinson, taking first place with five wins. The Standard was won by M Miles, playing in his first weekend tournament.

Teresa Khoo from Surrey Juniors won the Sharon Furlong Trophy.

This report consists of a selection of games from the Lancashire Premier Open which have been selected by Bill O'Rourke. We follow this with a report from Teresa Khoo who won the Blackpool Major and the Sharon Furlong trophy.

Teresa Khoo's Report

We now have a report from Teresa Khoo, winner of the Blackpool Major. You can play through Teresa's annotated games.

I thoroughly enjoyed this year's Blackpool Conference held in the large Winter Gardens building. The tournament is well known for its large prize fund and amazing seven-fold Terence Chapman Grand Prix points. I was offered a free entry from a tournament in Surrey last year, but unfortunately I was unable to attend due to the huge journey involved. Although the journey from London to Blackpool is probably the longest I have ever travelled to a weekend congress, I recognised several players from the South who had made the huge trip up to have a stab at the prize list.

The Blackpool congress attracts many female players and juniors due to the large number of extra prizes exclusively for them. Every section had at lease a couple of girls/women, which I found very encouraging. There is a distinct minority of females playing in weekend congresses these days, so it's good to see the Blackpool Congress attracting so many.

I had to take a bye for the Friday night round as there was no way I would be able to make the start time as I was needed at school. Therefore we left school at 4pm and headed straight for Blackpool.

The trip was certainly exhausting - we arrived at the hotel just after midnight, having stopped at a motorway service station for dinner.

My family and I duly arrived at the Winter Gardens building for the second round, and as I got used to the surroundings I get down to play my next 4 games. I think it's sufficient to say a fair amount of luck and the factor of the clock went into deciding these games. However, the competition was tough and the competitors fought hard. I wish to thank the organisers and arbiters once again for their hard work in making this tournament a very successful one.

Thanks to Teresa for the above report, Teresa went back south as the winner of the Blackpool Major and also the Sharon Furlong Trophy, that is awarded to the highest scoring female player throughout the competition. Well done Teresa.

Prize Winners

Congress Director: K McMahon
Congress Secretary: D Clayton
Chief Controller: D Welch, BCF Chief Arbiter
Number of tournaments: 6
Prize fund: £6,580
Number of competitors: 476

Lancashire Premier Open

Open to all players
Number of competitors: 44
Controller: D Welch
Prize fund: £1,500
1= D Gormally Hackney £550
  JT Sherwin Bath    
3= M Surtees Bolton 4 £66.67
  M Hebden Birstall, Beeson Gregory    
  R Palliser Barbican    
GP U200 R Shaw Highpeak £50
GP U185 JL Blackburn RHHC 3 £25
  MR Peacock Preston    
Lady Prize Jana Bellin Walsall Kipping 3 £50
British Qualifier R Palliser Barbican 4 £50

Hilton Blackpool Challengers

For players graded below 175
Number of competitors: 69
Controller: P Purland
Prize fund: £1,030
1= A McCumiskey Solihull £300
  K Shaw Inverness    
  P Wheldon Urmston    
GP U160 R Taylor Preston 4 £40
GP U150 M Abbott Exmouth 3 £10
  M Fox Warley Quinborne    
  G Thomas Stourbridge    
  P Widrascu Halifax    
Lady Prize E Rutherford Edinburgh 3 £50

Blackpool Major

For players graded below 140
Number of competitors: 86
Controller: S Woodcock
Prize fund: £1,070
1= Teresa Khoo Richmond Jnr. £300
  J Burrows Norwich Dons    
  M Burns Stockport    
GP U135 RA Dean Pudsey 4 £20
  NA Howe St. Andrews    
GP U130 R Gallagher Oldham £20
  A Jaques Norcross    
GP U125 LA Coe Stockport £20
  ML Parker Lytham Ex.    
Lady Prize Teresa Khoo Richmond Jnr. £50

Southbank Intermediate

For players graded below 120
Number of competitors: 104
Controller: G Jones
Prize fund: £1,070
1= R Morruzzi Leek £300
  CP Fisher Formby    
  T Vout Chorlton    
GP U115 G Randle Telford 4 £40
GP U110 D Brent Urmston £40
GP U105 S Gardner Cleveleys 4 £40
Lady Prize Poppy Aarons Hampstead £25
  Susie Blackburn RHHC    

Fylde Minor

For players graded below 100
Number of competitors: 92
Controller: L Barnes
Prize fund: £1,070
1 CD Atkinson Crusaders 5 £500
2= D Jarmany Crusaders £133.33
  N Jowett Blackpool    
  AG Roberts Prescot & Knotty Ash    
GP U95 M Plant 3C's 4 £40
GP U90 M Horne Crusaders £40
GP U85 E Baillie South Tyneside College 4 £40
Lady Prize Katie Martin 3C's £25
  Sandra Blackburn RHHC    


For players graded below 80
Number of competitors: 81
Controller: R Hart
Prize fund: £750
1 M Mills   5 £200
2= ND Marshall Rolls Royce Derby £125
  D Argile Rawtenstall    
4= G Hampson Oswestry 4 £6.25
  PR Wright Pittington    
  P Smith Rolls Royce Derby    
  R Hinsley (High Wycombe)    
  RC Holmes Newport    
  JHT Eddershaw Sanvic Dormer    
  T Lawton Atticus    
  JA Hughes Chorley    
GP U75 PR Wright Pittington 4 £6.25
  P Smith Rolls Royce Derby    
  R Hinsley (High Wycombe)    
  RC Holmes Newport    
GP U70 JHT Eddershaw Sanvic Dormer 4 £12.50
  T Lawton Atticus    
GP U60 JA Hughes Chorley 4 £25
GP U55 S Coleclough-Worrel Rawtenstall 3 £25
GP U50 P Hudson 3C's 3 £12.50
  RA Bellin Walsall Kipping    
GP U40 K Thomas Lytham Ex. 3 £12.50
  CJ Vickers Rolls Royce Derby    
UG Non-Junior I Riddoch Luton £25
UG Junior J Mackenzie Leyland 3 £25
Lady Prize MA Ellison Poulton-le-Fylde £50

Sharon Furlong Trophy

Awarded to the lady with the highest score overall.

Teresa Khoo Major Richmond Jnr. £50

Veterans Prize

Awarded to the player with the highest score who is aged over 60.

AG Roberts Minor PKA £20
CP Fisher Intermediate Formby    

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