Blackpool Chess Conference

29th Blackpool Chess Conference - 11th to 13th March 2005

Held at the Winter Gardens, Blackpool (over five rounds).

Congress Director: D Clayton
Congress Treasurer: S Woodcock
Chief Controller: D Welch, BCF Chief Arbiter
Number of tournaments: 6
Prize fund: £8,050
Number of competitors: 509

Lancashire Premier Open (Full Crosstable)

Open to all players
Number of competitors: 57
Controller: D Welch
Prize fund: £1,750
1= GM D Gormally Wood Green £433.33
GM M Hebden Birstall
GM J Rowson
GP 199-190 R Britton Hull £33.33
C Dunlop
B Lund Preston
GP 189-180 S Hayes Edinburgh University £50
G Morrison Lytham Ex.
GP U180 PR Watson Bradford Central £100
Lady Prize WGM H Hunt Wood Green £50
Highest Scoring Jnr. S Tweedie Hamilton 3 Trophy
Arbiters Prize J Hanley LRGS £10 ChessMaze International Voucher
Smith & Williamson British Championship Qualifier
F Rayner Hastings £50.00
G Morrison Lytham Ex.

Blackpool Challengers (Full Crosstable)

For players graded below 175
Number of competitors: 83
Controller: P Purland
Prize fund: £1,250
1= C Chakanyuka Watford £375
D Wolstencroft Blackpool
3= L Boumphrey Atticus 4 £25
R Clegg Huddersfield
E Ferry Cambuslang
D Gibbs Kings Head
D Newhouse Preston
I Pendlebury Urmston
GP 165-155 E Ferry Cambuslang 4 £33.33
D Gibbs Kings Head
I Pendlebury Urmston
GP 154-145 L Boumphrey Atticus 4 £50
D Newhouse Preston
GP U145 R Clegg Huddersfield 4 £75
D Hartley Amber Valley 3 £4.16
R Maclannan Cavendish
A Parmar Nottingham West
D Rabbitte Swinton
G Randle Shifnal & Telford
Lady Prize A Parmar Nottingham West 3 £50
Highest Scoring Jnr. D Rabbitte Swinton 3 Trophy
Arbiters Prizes S Cloake Northwich £10 ChessMaze International Voucher

Blackpool Major (Full Crosstable)

For players graded below 140
Number of competitors: 82
Controller: A McFarlane
Prize fund: £1250
1 L Butt Knolls Knights £500
2= J Adcock Reading 4 £57.14
G Ali South Birmingham
G Collier Lough
R Dean Pudsey
R Glover 3C's
G Hermers Athenaeum
P Smith Knoll Kuts
GP 134-130 J Adcock Reading 4 £33.33
G Collier Lough
R Dean Pudsey
GP 129-125 P Smith Knoll Kuts 4 £42.88
N Coward Blackpool 3 £14.28
G Farrar West End
A Lake Handswort Wood
M Parker Blackpool
GP U125 S Chadaway Handsworth Wood £25
R Desmedt Netherton
M Duke Dundee
A Straub Glenrothes
Lady Prize A Parmer Nottingham West 3 £50
Highest Scoring Jnr. R Glover 3C's 4 Trophy
Arbiters Prize N Kerby Bishops Stortford £10 ChessMaze International Voucher

Southbank Intermediate (Full Crosstable)

For players graded below 120
Number of competitors: 105
Controller: G Jones
Prize fund: £1,250
1= N Boustred Eldon Square £180
P Bull Warley Quinbourne
VB Lewis Heywood
D Teague Burnley
S Wells Kirkby
GP 114-110 T Jones Barniby Dunn 4 £50
J Reese Runcorn
GP 109-105 SA Kilarney South Birmingham £16.67
A Officer Carse of Gowrie
GP Smith Stannington
I Stone Carlisle
W Vout Warrington
C Whitfield Cheddon
GP U105 GE Matthews Hartlepool 4 £50
MJ Rabbitte Swinton
P Thompson Preston
Lady Prize A Officer Carse of Gowrie £50
Highest Scoring Jnr. MJ Rabbitte Swinton 4 Trophy
Arbiters Prize V Luzajic Leek £10 ChessMaze International Voucher

Fylde Minor (Full Crosstable)

For players grades below 100
Number of competitors: 89
Controller: S Boniface
Prize fund: £1,250
1= T Cooper Trowbridge 5 £375
M Talbot Knights
3= D Dunne Fiveways £75
K Gorman Poulton
GP 94-90 K Gorman Poulton £50
GP 89-85 N Rigby QEGS 4 £100
GP U85 M Holborow Kings 4 £100
Lady Prize T Anandajeyarajah Richmond 3 £50
Highest Scoring Jnr. M Talbot Knights 5 Trophy
Arbiters Prize R Tinton Leyland £10 ChessMaze International Voucher

Chess & Bridge Standard (Full Crosstable)

For players grades below 80
Number of competitors: 93
Controller: C Tillotson
Prize fund: £900
1= J Parmar Nottingham Wast £187
D Petrov East Grinstead
P Brown Crewe
GP 74-70 S Thomas Thamesdown Jnr £25
MW Patterson Newport
GP 69-65 B Burn West Leeds 4 £50
GP 64-60 T O'Neil Eastbourne 4 £50
GP 59-55 CF Cooper Lytham Ex. £50
GP 54-50 Lynsey Shovlin Fair City £50
GP 49-45 D Battersby Wallasey £25
GP 44-50 JH Hughes Chorley 4 £50
GP U40 S Carter East Grinstead 3 £25
P Sanderson Bare Village
UG Adult P Cohen Salford 4 £25
S Dixon Scarborough
UG Jnr. (1) R Murray Hebden Bridge Jnr. 3 £16.67
N Bishop Leyland
T Fielding Kirkham
UG Jnr. (2) C McKay Checkmate 4 £50
Lady Prize J Parmar Nottingham West £50
Highest Placed Jnr. M Lau SASCA Trophy
Arbiters Prize S Swanton East Grinstead £10 ChessMaze International Voucher

Sharon Furlong Trophy

Awarded to the lady with the highest score overall.

J Parmar Standard Nottingham West £50

Veterans Prize

Awarded to the player with the highest score who is aged over 60.

K Gorman Minor Poulton £25

Team Prize

Teams of 5, highest 4 to count.

Warley Quinbourne £250

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