Blackpool Chess Conference

22nd Blackpool Chess Conference - 6th to 8th March 1998

Held at the Winter Gardens, Blackpool (over five rounds).

Blackpool Open

1 GM M Hebden
2 A Cherniaev 4
3= D Bisby
G Buckley
W Giblin
GM J Hodgson
J Horner
B Lund
A Muir
R Phillips

Blackpool Centenary

1 I Pendlebury
2= R Bryant 4
G Chisango 4
R de Coverly 4
I Debrange 4
D Horsman 4
P Pugh 4
R Taylor 4
M Whitehead 4

Blackpool Major

1= I Abuleela
D Hartley
I Johnson
A Legge

Blackpool Intermediate (sponsored by Southbank Hotel)

1 P Howarth 5
2= A Ashton
P Ramsey

Blackpool Minor

1 S Webster 5
2= S Fanning
P Gardiner
I O'Brien

Blackpool Standard

1= R Hinsley 5
B Shorter 5
3 G Moore

Best Performance by a Junior Player

D Wood 4

Sharon Furlong Trophy Winner

C Lusher

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