Blackpool Chess Conference

26th Blackpool Chess Conference - March 2002


The 26th Blackpool Chess Conference attracted its second highest entry of 508 players. The atmosphere as usual was tremendous as all the games are played within the same arena. New for the 2002 event was a potential first prize in the Lancashire Premier Open of £1000, this being made up of £700 first prize plus £300 if someone scored five points, i.e. they won all their games. Whilst the Blackpool Chess Conference attracts many players from all over the country, this year we had more tournaments won by Lancashire players than ever before, with Lancashire players finishing first in four of the tournaments.

In the final round Craig Hanley was the only person in contention for the maximum prize but he was unable to defeat Stuart Haslinger and thus finished on 4½ points.

The report includes a small database of games. Chris Rice from Weekend Chess has analysed two games from the Lancashire Premier Open, including one of Craig Hanley's games, and one game from the Hilton Challengers winner, Malcolm Peacock. Following two games from the Blackpool Major winners, David Gillespie and John McBride, we have a couple of games annotated by Lancashire's board wise Neil Coward. Thanks to Chris and Neil for their analysis.

Prize Winners

Congress Director: D Clayton
Congress Treasurer: S Woodcock
Chief Controller: D Welch, BCF Chief Arbiter
Number of tournaments: 6
Prize fund: £7,440
Number of competitors: 508

Lancashire Premier Open

Open to all players
Number of competitors: 45
Controller: D Welch
Prize fund: £1,600
1 C Hanley Lancaster RGS £700
2= S Buckley Monmouth/Bath 4 £150
  S Haslinger Formby    
  J Merriman Streatham    
  J Sherwin Bath    
GP 199-185 A Ashton 3C's £33.33
  SW Giddins Hastings    
  Li Hu Manchester University    
GP U185 J Coleman Drunken Knights 3 £20
  C Dunlop Crusaders    
  S Gordon 3C's    
  G Meyer Redhill    
  Li Wu Nuneaton    
Lady Prize H Richards   3 £50
Smith & Williamson British Championship Qualifier
  A Ashton 3C's £50

Hilton Blackpool Challengers

For players graded below 175
Number of competitors: 83
Controller: P Purland
Prize fund: £1,150
1 M Peacock Preston 5 £500
2= S Ghasi Handsworth GS £200
  IR White Gloucester    
GP 159-150 A Dasadly London 4 £50
  JH Scofield Crusaders    
GP U150 P Plant 3C's 4 £50
  S Tweedie Holy Cross, Scotland    
Lady Prize S Chevannes Checkmate 3 £50

Blackpool Major

For players graded below 140
Number of competitors: 96
Controller: S Woodcock
Prize fund: £1,250
1= D Gillespie Blackpool £375
  J McBride Preston    
3= I Abuleela Atticus 4 £25
  S Blackburn Holmes Chapel    
  R Blake Grantham    
  SM Chadaway Hansworth Wood    
  CW Davies Rose Forgrove    
  C Woolcock Barry    
GP 134-130 D Jameson Colwyn Bay £50
  P Stephenson PKA    
GP 129-125 I Abuleela Atticus 4 £25
  S Blackburn Holmes Chapel    
  R Blake Grantham    
  C Woolcock Barry    
GP U125 V Tormey Burnley 4 £100
Lady Prize S Blackburn Holmes Chapel 4 £50

Southbank Intermediate

For players graded below 120
Number of competitors: 92
Controller: G Jones
Prize fund: £1,250
1 R Ashcroft Atherton 5 £500
2= C Atkinson Crusaders £200
  P Chakravorty Sheffield    
GP 114-100 R Lawrence Sutton Coldfield £100
GP 109-105 PJ Aarons Hampstead 4 £25
  K Cox Gateshead Library    
  DJ Hall Thamesdown Jnr.    
  A Robinson Oldham    
GP U105 K Pottage Wakefield 4 £50
  A Scoular Swinton    
Lady Prize PJ Aarons Hampstead 4 £50

Fylde Minor

For players graded below 100
Number of competitors: 97
Controller: S Boniface
Prize fund: £1,250
1= J Davies Oswestry £225
  B Maclean Atticus    
  T Loughlin Ormskirk    
  B Yarker Shipley    
GP 94-90 P Moss Hallifax 4 £100
  S Rush Reading    
GP 89-85 D Atkinson Crusaders 3 £14.50
  P Broderick Shifnal    
  G Clarke Consett    
  R Ellis PKA    
  G Hayden Runcorn    
  W Morgan Kynoch    
  D Thwaites Atticus    
GP U85 D Rabbitte Swinton 4 £50
  M Read Welwyn/Hatfield    
Lady Prize K Bradley 3C's £50


For players graded below 80
Number of competitors: 95
Controller: C Tillotson
Prize fund: £900
1 A Mann Nomads 5 £200
2= W Derbyshire Chorley £50
  J Kitshoff Culcheth    
  M Tillotson Crusaders    
GP 74-70 R Macdonald Stirling 4 £50
GP 69-65 N Thomas Thamesdown Jnrs. 4 £50
GP 64-60 C Bellin Walsall £50
GP 59-55 J Mackenzie Leyland 4 £50
GP 54-50 R Bellin Walsall £50
GP 49-45 K Fowler Codden £50
GP 44-40 C Dixon Cleveleys £25
  L Rabbitte Swinton    
GP U40 R Street Cleveleys Jnrs. £17
  P Harker Hartlepool    
  P Sanders Morecambe    
UG Non Jnr. B Nuttall Kings Lynn 4 £50
UG Jnr. A Barker York £25
  P Jackson AXA    
Lady Prize N Thomas Thamesdown Jnrs. 4 £50

Sharon Furlong Trophy

Awarded to the lady with the highest score overall.

N Thomas Standard Thamesdown Jnrs. 4 £16.66
S Blackburn Major Holmes Chapel    
PJ Aarons Intermediate Hampstead    

Veterans Prize

Awarded to the player with the highest score who is aged over 60.

B Holland Standard Camberley 4 £20
B Shaw Minor Cheadle    

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