Some Photographic Memories of Blackpool Chess Conference 2009

Prizegiving - 15th March 2009

Tournament Director Simon Woodcock appears on most of these pictures and so we haven't included his name in any captions!

Standard - Charles Williamson

Standard - David Gillespie


Minor - Tracey Clegg

Minor - Christopher Riley

Minor - Lawrence Harold

Minor - Peter Edhouse

Minor - Bill Clews

Minor - Harry Brooks

Inter - Rachel Cass

Inter - Phil Raynor

Inter - Farshad Ai

Inter - David Jarmany

Inter - David Stephenson

Inter - David Siddall

Inter - Thomas Fielding


Major - Lynne Morrison


Major - Brandon Clarke

Major - Bob Newton

Open - Michael Rabbitte

Open - Liam Rabbitte

Open - Michael Mitchell

Open - Elliot Frew

Open - GM Mark Hebden

Open - GM Stuart Haslinger

Round 4 - 15th March 2009 (am)

Ken Gorman (right) waiting for his opponent in the Intermediate

Bob Newton (right) vs. Paul Isherwood in the Major

Peter Jowett vs. Jonathan Smith (foreground) in the Major;Peter Mulleady vs. Mark Talbot (behind)

The Standard

The Standard

GM Mark Hebden vs. FM Jonathan Hawkins

GM Stuart Haslinger vs. GM Keith Arkell (nearest window)

Adam Ashton vs. Liam Rabbitte (foreground);John Merriman vs. Marek Mazek (behind)

Michael Rabbitte (left) vs. Keith Allen

Jeff Horner vs. Dominic Rabbitte (nearest window)

Harry Praeger vs. Tracey Clegg

The Minor

Round 2 - 14th March 2009 (am)

Top Boards in the Major

The Standard

The Standard

The Minor

The Major

The Minor

The Intermediate

Darryl Wolstencroft (right) vs. GM Keith Arkell

GM Stuart Haslinger (left) vs. Keith Allen

IM Jeff Horner (right) vs. Alan Walton

Roger Williamson (left) vs. Liam Rabbitte

GM Hebden (back left) vs. Martin Mitchell

Malcolm Peacock (front left) vs. Gary Corcoran

Tony Rigby (left) vs. Paul Talbot

Graham Pennington (right) vs. Barry Groves

Ravi Haria (left) vs. Peter Ridsdale

Roelof Westa (right) vs. Martin Brown

Peter Mulleady (right) vs. Jonathan Smith

Ian Marks (right) deep in thought against Graham Lilley

Paul Rabbitte (left) vs. Jennifer Neil

Round 1 - 13th March 2009 (pm)

The Main Playing Area

GM Mark Hebden

Open Boards 11 / 12

Setting Up - 13th March 2009 (pm)

The Main Playing Area

The Main Playing Area

The Main Playing Area

Directors Box

Sponsors Box

Sponsors Box

The Main Playing Area

The Main Playing Area

The Main Playing Area