Some Photographic Memories of Blackpool Chess Conference 2008

All photographs on this page were taken by Steve Connor, the official photographer for the event!

Round 1 - 7th March 2008

GM Nigel Davies (right) plays Robert Taylor from Preston.
Roger Williamson 2147 (light blue top) is in play with GM Mark Hebden; result 0-1!

FM Radovanovic 2340 in play with Richard J Cannon 2095

Graham Lilley

Clive Waters 2095 alongside GM Dgebuadze 2512

FM David Eggleston

Richard Mycroft 2143 (left) v Latvian GM Igors Rausis 2520


Challengers section

Major section


Minor section


Round 2 - 8th March 2008 (am)

GM Dgebuadze 2512

Sheila Dines

Mark Hebden (red top)

Roger Williamson

left GM Nigel Davies v Darryl Wolstencroft

IM Nicolai Pedersen (right) v Akash Jain

Robert Taylor (right) is deep in thought against Christopher Dossett

Lower boards in the Open section

Johan Holmstrom from Denmark playing in the Challengers section

Major section


More deep thought, this time in the Challengers section

A view of the Minor, with Richard Fox from Bolton (front right) sporting his Manchester City cap

Round 3 - 8th March 2008 (pm)

Stephen Mulligan (left) v Glenn Charleshouse

Open section, board 16 onwards (top 15 boards are on the stage area)

Top four boards in the Challengers section

Major section - some players find time to read while waiting for their late opponents to arrive!

Minor section (nearest the camera) and Standard section (beyond the row of tables near the top of the picture)

Round 4 - 9th March 2008 (am)

right: Don Mason in play against Dominic Foord

WFM Irina Gorshkova

GM Nigel Davies (left) starts play against Thomas Pym

IM Nicolai Pedersen

left: Ben Purton in play against Martyn Hamer

Entrance to the Winter Gardens Pavilion; the chess is being played to the right in the large hall

Gareth Ellis doing good business on the ChessMaze International bookstall with Chief Arbiter David Welch nearby

The Minor section starts promptly at 9.30am

Round 5 - 9th March 2008 (pm)

Leader on 4/4 GM Dgebuadze 2512

Second place on 3.5/4 GM Rausis

Malcolm Peacock (left) and Brett Lund, both from Preston, about to start play

IM Pedersen 2435 (left) v Tristan Cox 2153. In the red top; Alan Walton 2207

Top boards in the Challengers battle for prizes - Roger Jennings on the left and Lancashire's U175 captain John Cooper in the red jumper

Main playing area viewed from the stage

The tournament was again extremely popular with junior players - this is Rhys Cumming from Millfield

Henry Broadley from Chorley

Mani Periasamymanjula from Ashtead

Final round in the Standard section

The top boards in the Open section were on display during the event

Players using the analysis room

Prizegiving - 9th March 2008 (pm)

Tournament Director Simon Woodcock appears on most of these pictures and so we haven't included his name in any captions!

Winner with 4.5/5 GM Dgebuadze 2512

FM David Eggleston (left) and GM Igors Rausis

Darryl Wolstencroft

Malcolm Peacock

Matthew Mackenzie

WFM Irina Gorshkova

Raymond Cannon

Elliot Frew

John Cooper

Sarah Hegarty

Mark Talbot

Arunas Gedvilas

left to right: John Yee, Paul Smith and Russell Goodfellow

Shane McCabe  

Henry Broadley

Anthony Foster and Robert Spence

Vlade Luzajic

Michael Collier (left) and Nathan Talbot (right)

David Buckell (left) and Graham Pennington

Paul Salisbury

Tom Fielding

Kenny Quinn

Daniel Walmsley

Andrew Zigmond

Ian Lamb

Evie Hollingworth

Dennis Davies

Tom Fielding

Rachel Cass

Jade Stirrup, Kevin Thomas and John Moore

Isobel Cotogni

Philip Smith

Scott Miller

Paul Rabbitte


Lothian Innes

Martin Brown

The family of the late Mike O'Hara presented a new trophy in his memory, awarded for the best performance by a junior in the Open