Some Photographic Memories of the Blackpool Chess Conference 2007

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This first batch of photographs are included courtesy of Steve Connor from Atticus Chess Club.

Top boards in the Open section play on the stage overlooking the rest of the Main Hall

The popular Open section continues in the Main Hall


Play continues in the Challengers section

Overlooking the Major section

The Minor and Standard sections play in The Horseshoe

Grandmaster Mark Hebden in the early stages of his Round 3 game

FM Jeff Horner starting his game in Round 3

Jonathan Blackburn (North West Eagles and Atticus CC)

Roger Williamson (left) and Nick Hawkins in the Open.

The men behind the live games - Dave Clayton (left) and Steve Hughes

Top Open games shown live in the Analysis Room

Players examine their games in the Analysis Room

ECF Chief Arbiter David Welch taking a well earned rest

The next batch of photographs are included courtesy of Pete Mulleady from Atherton Chess Club.

Open players on the stage

The Main Hall

The Main Hall

The Horseshoe

The Analysis Room

Open games projected in the Analysis Room

The next batch of photographs are included courtesy of Simon Woodcock, the Congress Director and Treasurer.